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By registering with Beonco.com as a Boss (Reseller), you are agreeing to follow the terms and condition (terms of service) below. The terms of service are applied to all the products and services from Beonco.com.

A. Boss Account

  1. You must be at least 18 years of age.
  2. You must provide a valid full legal name, identity no, shop name and a valid email address.
    1. Referral code - refers to the introducer. The person who introduced you to join Beonco.com. A code generated during your introducer's registration.
    2. Domain name – It is a permanent name of your online store. It is not allowed to be changed once it is registered. It is based on the availability of the domain name you want. You need to provide another domain name if the one you want has been taken. Upon registration of a domain name through Beonco.com, your domain name will be automatically renewed every year as long as your account with Beonco.com remains active. Your domain name will expire if your account fails to be renewed and it will be available for new registration.
    3. Shop name – you must have a valid shop name.
    4. Email address – a valid email address that is reachable and active.
    5. Password – this is to protect your site from security access.
  3. You must choose either the Regular package, Expert package, or Business package during the registration.
    1. Regular – Free setup fee. No limit of products from our inventory dashboard. Affiliate program not included.
    2. Expert – Setup fee: USD149. No limit of products from our inventory dashboard. You are entitled to enjoy certain features and benefits provided by Beonco.com.
    3. Business – Setup fee: USD299. No limit of products from our inventory dashboard. You are entitled to enjoy all features and benefits provided by Beonco.com.
  4. Theme Design – you can choose a theme design that matches your business. The layout of the design will change if you change the theme.
  5. Affiliate – you can expand your network by recruiting your own affiliate network. This will let you earn extra commission.
    1. Level 1 - annual USD10 (Expert) or USD50 (Business) profit per subscriber on 1st level (overriding a 2% of total sales)
    2. Level 2 - USD10 (Expert) or USD20 (Business) per subscriber on 2nd level (overriding a 4% of total sales)
  6. Boss Account activation – The account will be activated straight away once the domain is confirmed and the payment is made.
  7. Boss’s Support – You can send your request or enquiry to Beonco.com Contact Us page and we will reply within 24 hours.
  8. Copyright – All theme designs and products from Beonco.com are copyrighted by Beonco.com.
    You must not:
    • republish material from this website (including republication on another website);
    • sell, rent, or sub-license all materials from Beonco.com;
    • edit or otherwise modify any material from Beonco.com; or any products provided by Beonco.com;
    • redistribute Beonco.com products and material excluding content created by Boss.
  9. Contents – The contents you post must not harm the reputation or create negative image of our merchant or their brand. Beonco.com will not be held liable for any content dispute or copyright issues generated by you.